Sam Baardman is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Winnipeg, Canada. He has exhibited photography and video installations numerous times in galleries in Canada and the United States. Sam’s most recent work has been music-based. In September, 2022, he released his 3rd full-length album, Marsh Radio. The album is teeming with sparkling songs that question how we can keep our balance in a teetering and unstable world. The songs deliver poignant observations about coming to terms with our collective past, or facing an uncertain and harrowing ecological future.  Sam released his 4th album, Athabasca, in April, 2023 on Earth Day. Athabasca is a collection of eco-songs written in response to time Sam recently spent with scientists from the Global Water Futures Program, learning about the effects of climate change on everything from glacial melt to prairie groundwater movement. Find out more about Sam's music and art at
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